The IBEROMOLDES Group - founded in 1975 - is a leading supplier of engineering services and value-added products.


One of the IBEROMOLDES's critical success factors is the integration of multidisciplinary competencies, creating a complete value chain by itself.


The structural and strategic complementarity of its organization allows IBEROMOLDES to provide complete and integrated solutions, from design and product engineering through to prototyping moulds and special tools; the industrialization, production and global delivery of finished products, functions and complete systems, using thermoplastic and metallic light-alloy materials.


The IBEROMOLDES Group operates in the most advanced and demanding industrial sectors, such as: automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, aerospace, medical devices, etc.


The technical excellence, advanced technologies and the commitment of highly skilled personnel, allows the IBEROMOLDES Group to develop and meet its customers' challenges in competitive and high demanding markets.


IBEROMOLDES’ development and sustainability is grounded in focused innovative practices;continuous professional development for its staff, alongside cutting edge organizational methodologies, product development, engineering and production techniques, as well as consistent investment in state-of-the-art technologies in all companies of the Group.

Its highly competitive markets, challenging and innovative customers' base, fuels up its strategic drive to achieve the highest standards of engineering, competitiveness, quality and delivery.


Daily, the IBEROMOLDES Group, seeks to strengthen agile win-win partnerships with its suppliers and customers. Its commitment to the encouragement and development of new ideas and adoption of new solutions, is its strategic key of success and its differentiating factor within its highly competitive global market.


The IBEROMOLDES Group is a Portuguese industrial group, constituted of 9 companies, integrating about 800 employees in 2 different countries, and exporting - directly and indirectly - more than 90% of its total turnover to world known leading companies.

IBEROMOLDES GROUP is formed by 9 companies with 800 staff and present in 2 countries. We provide our clients with solutions from the idea to the final product - Integrated Solutions.



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